Worst Human Society

What is it?

The Worst Human Society is our membership program. Membership fees go towards our continued existence and help us improve the events we already run. More importantly it gives us clout to negotiate for better pricing, sponsorship, and access to better venues so that we can run more events.

What do I get?

As a member of the Worst Human Society you will receive a worst human token to carry with you always. It's a great disclaimer when meeting new people, but it also works as a "sorry, not sorry" when you've already firmly placed your foot in your mouth.

In addition to bragging rights, you will get

  • Discounted pricing at all of our events
  • Discounts on our hand crafted merchandise
  • Ability to personalize (within reason) our hand crafted merchandise for special order
  • Private access to our Worst Human Society Facebook group
  • Exclusive access to our CoreCon Fan-suite during 'Member Only' times
  • The smug knowledge that you are doing your part in helping a local business thrive and grow.
  • As we grow, we will continue looking for new ways to add value to our members.

Private Facebook Group

The Worst Human Society facebook group is exclusive to members only. It is a place for you to connect with each other, share ideas, and grow new friendships with people as horrible as you are. It is also a place to connect with us! As we continue to grow, your feedback will be vital in steering our ship.

Exclusive CoreCon Fan-suite Access

We have been very successful at running fan-suites these past few years at CoreCon, due in large part to the support CoreCon has shown us since we started running events. So we couldn't help but include some additional incentives to attend their convention to our members.

Member Only Access

  • Worst Human Society Dinner Party.
    • During the convention we host a members only dinner party on Saturday Evening.
    • The fan-suite will be completely closed to non-members during this time.
    • What happens at the dinner party? Whatever you say happened! Its your memory, remember it how you want to.


We are always looking for more ways to fund our events that don't involve begging on street corners. So after a few evenings on youtube we set out to create our own unique brand of merchandise. All items are completely unique and hand crafted by our very own Jordan Buermann. Each one is guaranteed flawed to perfection. Sure to be a talking piece at your next social gathering.

Members will enjoy first looks at these items on our private Facebook group and access to special prices. In addition, since they are hand crafted, we can typically offer some level of personalization! Add a name, change up the wording, whatever!

We are also open to completely new design requests. If we don't have an offering that specifically appeals to you, submit a request and we will work with you to the best of our ability to make it a reality.

Price for requests and alterations will be negotiated on a case by case basis, but the base cost for the item will be discounted so you will start out with some wiggle room.

How much does it cost?


How do I sign up?

You can contact us at one of our events, Email Us, or message us at our Facebook page to request a membership. We will get a token made for you and arrange a way to get it to you!