The Worst Fansuite

3333 13th Ave S Fargo, ND 58103
May 24, 2019, noon - May 27, 2019, midnight
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Where Is It?


When Is It?

May 24, 2019, noon - May 27, 2019, midnight

What Is It?

Escape the droll of human existence, the oppressive demand on your time, and the excessive policing and pirating of your brain waves. Come to 'The Worst Fansuite' and be the worst you that you can be. Spike a baby like Vlad the Impaler, or toss it in the trash like you wish you did. Relive the epic glory of a Mongolian warlord catapulting corpses at your enemies to spread diseases and win prizes!

Drink Away Your Anxieties

We serve amazing craft beer brewed by a local home brew-master that you cannot get anywhere else. Every year he concocts new blends, and names that fit the theme of the convention. Included is a limited supply of honey mead.

We also serve a fruity vodka cocktail, and water.

Game until the bleakness of reality is but a foggy unwelcome memory

We bring a portion of our game collection to be played in the fansuite. So loiter on in if you are killing time between panels or just drinking the night away.

Feel Like a Winner (without the burden of being one)

Play our games, earn your rewards. We will have a nightly drawing for cool swag, in addition to other prizes being given out during the course of the event. I'll have more information, and pictures, on that as we get closer. Like our facebook page for alerts on when that happens!

Join us for Family Day: Thursday

During the day on Thursday we will be family friendly, and running a special edition of the Family Quest Knight quest for any kids that stop by the room.

Join The Worst Human Society

There is nothing worse than elitist pricks, so for the low low fee of $10 you can join our Elite Membership Program! We are calling it "The Worst Human Society", and membership will give you exclusive access to our fansuite during the early hours and late hours of the convention.

Members Only Dinner Saturday @11pm

The first ever Worst Human Society dinner! Where whatever you say happened; happened.

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