Meet The Team

We are a small family business, with a small team. I asked each of them to briefly explain themselves, and why they got into this business. However, they opted instead to let me do it. "Fine" I said, so I have done my best to summarize each of them as best I can.

The Owners

Jordan Buermann: President, Idea Man, Crafter & Webmaster

The first board game I ever played was Hero Quest, and I quickly pirated all the bits to invent my own games. Later I discovered Battle Masters, and after losing every game of it I ever played I pirated the giant game mat that it came with to use as a world map for my table top adventures and discarded the rest. It wasn't until my brother introduced me to DnD that I discovered everything I was trying to make Hero Quest be was already done, so I joined his group and never looked back. (Though I do still use the mat from Battle Masters on occasion when running DnD sessions)

Since moving to Fargo back in 2003 I've been the on again off again Head Storyteller for a local One World by Night chronicle of Vampire The Masquerade called Within Shadows Reach. I've finally fully (no for real this time) retired from that position, and Buermann Presents is sort of my next chapter.

A way to combine my love for gaming and my entrepreneurial spirit before it shrivels up under the pressure of aging and fear of retirement debt.

I want to create my own games, and see at least one make it to the game store shelf.

I want to create events for people in that sort of awkward stage; too old for kid events, but not yet 21 and can't go to bars.

Beyond that, I want to create unique events. Where you get to do things you wouldn't normally do. To make games and gaming accessible to the general public.

I'd love to rent a pool and make a full day event out of live action Walk The Plank like we did during Core Con's Pirate theme. Find a way to combine the larp of a murder mystery game with a giant clue game board. Run a 'Worst Day at the Park' event with horror themed carnival games, and sprinklers setup all over to simulate rain. Even running 'Survive The Night' in a portion of downtown during Halloween.

Sadly, these things cost money and have certain legal implications that make them complicated. So until then we do what we can and strive to get better at what we do.

Jade Buermann: Vice President, Vice Idea Man, & Technical Support

Jade got into table top gaming at a young age, specifically DnD. He is currently working on a custom campaign setting based on his years of experience as a DM, and training his offspring to take up the mantle once his aged and feebled mind finally slips away like so many before it.

You will most often find him lurking in the shadows of our events waiting to resolve any technical issues that come up.

The Minions

Brandi Eliott: Starving Servant & Loving Ex-Wife

Brandi got into gaming because of a boy, and never looked back. Now she's indentured forever as our MC due to her ability to speak slowly and clearly while also being entertaining. When not behind the microphone you'll find her at the sign up desks, behind the bar, or pretending we have a dance floor. Likely, begging for food.

Note: Any guarantee of fun or eternal bliss is null and void should you ever under any circumstances feed her.

Kristie Buermann: Socialite & Probably Loving Wife

Kristie represents the kinder, gentler side of Buermann Presents. An avid social butterfly, Kristie can often be seen engaging with the audience and bringing important connections back to the rest of the team. Like the glowing bit of an angler fish.

She is new to gaming but has taken to it very quickly, even playing in a small one day larp hosted at CoreCon by one of the fansuites.

You will most often find her behind the merchant booth or taking pictures of the event. If you don't see her, don't worry. She'll. Find. You.

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