About Us

What do you do?

Our mission is to run unique and interesting events that promote 'gateway' games. Our intention is to raise awareness of the gaming community and it's businesses within the Fargo-Moorhead area.

This community has given us so much, we want to do our part to help it grow.

Why do you do it?

I realized something was wrong when I brought Munchkin into my place of work for the first time. Within 30 minutes I had a room full of people looking to learn more. They wanted to know what other games were out there, and where to buy them. They simply had no idea there was more to life than... well, the game of life.

The more I tried to expose them to gaming, the more I realized how frustrating it was to get into. If I, someone who had run a Vampire Larp for 10 years, found gaming stores intimidating then these muggles didn't stand a chance!

Why "The Worst Human" tournament?

We set out to create the kind of gaming event we would want to go to. Something casual that appealed to our sense of humor. Something we could easily theme around. Something anyone could compete in, not just self proclaimed gamers. Cards Against Humanity was the first game that came to mind. Everyone in the world has already played it, so the learning curve was non-existent.

Plus, having 'The Worst' in the title took a lot of the pressure off. If we really messed anything up we could just say "it's all part of the show!"

Luckily, it turned out to be big success. At one point you could hear the echoing chorus of Dennis Leary's Asshole Song reverberating across the entire hotel. That was when we knew we had found our people, and our calling.

So, how has it been going?

After the first one we immediately decided to make it an annual event. We built a throne, started the tradition of stoning the previous winner, and re-skinned the medal to be unique at every event. We have even run smaller versions of it at charity events, breweries, conventions, and the shady backroom of a downtown restaurant.

Do you do anything else?

In 2015 we started working on our own game called 'Sinner's Boast'. We've been using it as a way to explore the options involved in publishing a game, with the dream of making game design a bigger part of what we do.

In 2016 we ran our first fan-suite at CoreCon, called 'The Worst Fansuite'. We ended up winning Best Fan-suite, and in the process cemented our ongoing relationship with CoreCon. Since then we have continued to run successful fan-suites there.

In 2017 we ran our first Family Quest Knight with more scheduled for 2018.

Why run a Family Event when you are the 'Worst'?

When kicking around ideas for other types of events we could do, a kids event just kept coming up. It allows us to reach a long forgotten audience, parents. The scourge of child birth ravaged our gaming group, and for many years we struggled to keep it going only to ultimately admit defeat. It was while discussing that tragedy that the idea of running a family event was born.

Family Quest Knight is an event for parents. An event that promises to amuse their kids, and bring friends back to the table. The activities table and coloring station is there so that the parents can keep gaming. The demo table is there, so that parents can try new games and even try them with their kids. The Quest is there for both reasons. It's a distraction for the kids, but maybe it can also reveal that the answer to keeping your Table Top group together is to invite the next generation to the table.